Chamber Music 101 Class

When:  Thursday, March 2, 2017

Where:  St Patrick Catholic School, 1000 Bolling Ave, Norfolk

How much:  $35 (includes free ticket to a concert of your choice, a $30 value)

When three or four are gathered in the name of music… Chamber music can be far more intimate and personal than a concert by a big orchestra, but it can also be just as dramatic! But where did string quartets get their start?  Why is a Stradivarius so expensive? Who came up with the four-movement thing?  And more importantly, what should I wear to the concert? (And when should I applaud?) Chris Palestrant, Professor of Composition at Elizabeth City State University and a UNC Teacher of the Year, offers a flashy and fun presentation that makes concert going simple again.  Great for fans, and perfect for newcomers—bring someone to share this with! Additional Notes: The course fee includes a free ticket to any of the concerts by world-renowned ensembles in the Feldman Chamber Music Society series. This learning session is being generously sponsored by The Feldman Chamber Music Society.

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